An Artist with a Dream

Hello lash dreamers,

Morgan Jones here. Founder, CEO and creator of PCLA. I became a Kentucky-State Board Certified and licensed lash artist in 2020. 2 years later, PCLA became more than just a dream. 

Being from an incredibly small town in southeastern Kentucky, I found it incredibly difficult to find any local lash supply stores or even high quality lash supplies. I had tried a few large lash corporations’ products and had the hardest time with fan making, retention, and most things beginner lash artists struggle with. I created PCLA as a one-stop shop for every lash product that worked perfectly for me. Other artists started trying our products and fell in love! I wanted to create the lash products of my absolute dreams and share them with every artist who struggled. And I did just that!
I became a content creator, product distributor, social media manager, and sooo much more. My tiny company became a family business, and still is today. We ship internationally, which I am so proud of, and have a branch in Sydney, Australia along with our HQ being in Corbin, Kentucky USA. We still have so much room to grow! Thank you all for supporting us! 

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